EAN kode8595057600119
Kunde nr.85363030
Vægt0.09 kg/pcs
Blyfri materialeyes
Selvslukkende30 sec.
Nominel spænding<= 400 V
Nominel strøm<= 16 A
Temperaturbestandighed-5 - 60 °C
Flamme test850 °C
Fordele80 mm
Dybde50 mm
Bor hul diameter79,5 mm
Producent anbefaler
For all range of products in hollow walls, we recommend using the milling sets supplied by us.
BrandklasseA - C3
Muligt at montere to bokse I serieyes
StandartČSN EN 60 670-1
individual boxes fitted with screws for installation in plasterboard

According to the formerly valid standard ČSN 73 0862 the box complies with materials of fire classes A - C3. Special added outer sheat. Mounting screws are fitted with a triple thread for quick installation.

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